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onsdag 12. mars 2008

Duck grooming

lørdag 8. mars 2008

The zoo.

In Kristiansand we have Norways biggest zoo. It's a beautiful zoo with lot of place too tha animal. Last weekend I was in the zoo with a friend and niece. Especially one animal I like to show you, and that is a picture of a Eurasisk gaupe (Lynx lynx) ore in English Bobcat. It's a beautiful cat animal who lives free in Norway. But it is very very sky of people. Here we van see them behind bars, but they have a nice open and big park to live in.

tirsdag 4. mars 2008


Tha latest days I have been doing to mutch. That again have made me really really tierd. I have pictures to Sky Watch Friday on my computer, and picture to Broer som binder also. But the picture does not suite my mood right now... So I will use them a day when it does suit.

But I'm OK. But at the time I could wish I just could fly away to a place far far away...

Just like these Swan on the lake today...

My litle dog is to real console fore me today. But like you can see he has injured his paw.

fredag 22. februar 2008

Sky Watch Friday

Do you see the sky? This was the picture I pland to use last friday, but now you got it today.
That day, I couldent see the sky at any time... Can you see where the sky starts and the tree ends?

fredag 8. februar 2008

A kind of Sky Watch Friday

Okey, the center of the picture are maybe not the sky, but it is in it..
And in fronth you see my beutiful horse. Id really like to take a new picture white the horse "in the sky" but my camera is still not fixed...
So in the mean time I try to find some olde pictures, but that is not easy since I don't have too many..
I'll be stronger later!

fredag 1. februar 2008

Sky Wathc Friday

Autumn 2007. It is nice to have good friends to take my husband and my out to do things we normally not do.. It was a really beutifull trip in the South of Norwegian coast line.

Broer som binder.

Da min mann og jeg opplevde en liten krise måtte vi reise vekk for å binde sterkere bånd mellom oss. Ikke at denne broen var ett sted vi oppholdt oss veldig mye, men vi måtte over den for å komme til resturanten og pianobaren hvor vi hadde mange fine samtaler den uken vi var på Lanzarote, samtaler som bandt oss tettere sammen.